Insomnia Caused By Car Accidents

According to recent studies, nearly 98% of those who have suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) may experience trouble sleeping. Insomnia and frequent waking during sleep are the two leading types of sleep disturbances. However, loss of daytime function and daytime sleepiness are also fairly common TBI symptoms. 

It is a common misconception that those injured with TBIs are caused only by hitting your head on something hard. While this is certainly one way, and a frequent way in which TBIs occur, most people don't know that it is also possible for TBIs to occur without ever having hit your head. For instance, when driving at a fairly high speed and coming to an immediate stop, the force from the stop causes the human head to whip forward, thereby putting so much pressure on the brain against the skull, that it may be able to cause a TBI.

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Another common misconception about obtaining a TBI is that the symptoms are experienced by the victim immediately. This opinion has been proven false in many circumstances, as it can sometimes take weeks before the effects of a car crash are felt or revealed. Many people assume that since they made it out of a car accident without any visible injuries, that they were not harmed at all. What they don't realize are that neurological injuries are potentially way more harmful than physical ones. 

In the event of an automobile crash, victims should look out of the following symptoms which could suggest the onset of a TBI stemming from a car crash:

·      Dizziness

·      Visual disturbance

·      Emotional changes

·      Headaches

·      Memory loss

·      Inability to concentrate

·      Seizures

·      Slurred Speech

·      Short-term memory loss

It is vital that anyone who has been in a car accident swiftly seeks the appropriate medical attention and in an effort to be cleared of any potential injuries.  One of the many benefits of Michigan No-Fault insurance is that accident victims can receive some of the best medical care available and their auto insurance company is supposed to pay for the medically necessary costs incurred.  

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