I-94 at Detroit Metro Airport Construction

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If you are somebody who enjoys months long construction, you've probably been enjoying the Detroit Metro Airport construction. This $9 million I-94 repair project began on Monday, June 13th. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) told WWJ Detroit that work along I-94 near the airport, between Telegraph and I-275 will continue through mid-November. 

The news station reported that nearly 11 miles of freeway and ramps in the Romulus and Taylor area are being repaired with resurfacing, concrete pavement, drainage work, and pavement markings. The majority of the workload takes place during overnight hours and full-time during the weekends. MDOT plans on working overnight on the westbound lanes of I-94, just west of Telegraph Road, 8 PM to 5 AM and around the clock on the weekends. 

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MDOT has planned both single and double-lane closures on I-94 which may leave only one lane open. The main ramps which lead to the airport will stay open as often as possible through mid-August, when concrete repair work will force the ramps to close. 

To avoid any delays with this construction, MDOT is strongly advising drivers to use the I-275 and Eureka Road airport entrance. To follow all of this summer’s construction work and their impacts on your commute, check out MDOT’s Interactive Traffic Map

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