Pedestrian Hit By Ann Arbor Bus

A Pedestrian faces minor facial injuries after a run in with an Ann Arbor, Michgian white bus this past Tuesday, March 5, 2016. MLive reported that the incident occurred around 12:30 P.M. when a pedestrian walked out into traffic and was struck by a bus on the corner of East Liberty Street and South Fourth Street. Although the jay-walker suffered minor facial injuries, they refused any treatment. The scene was cleared by 12:45 P.M. and no citations were issued for the incident, but police implied that the collision was the pedestrian's fault because they walked into oncoming traffic.

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Ann Arbor is known for its jaywalking culture, especially around the University of Michigan’s campus. Students can be seen crossing the road wherever they feel and whenever they feel, even around oncoming traffic. This can be especially dangerous, when there is alcohol involved or at night when visibility is low and pedestrians are unlikely to be wearing reflective clothing. 

The University of Michigan has recently began making an attempt to make crossing the street safer for pedestrians, adding two separate cross walks on major streets this past year. One is on State Street and is very well marked with reflective signs and is very well lit, while the other is on South University and has flashing lights when a pedestrian hits the cross button signaling to drivers that someone is about to cross.

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Even with this new technology it is very important for drivers to always check for pedestrians diligently when driving in areas like Ann Arbor, especially around peak class times when students are out and about. On the other hand, it is also very important for pedestrians to make use of the many crosswalks that the University has put in place for walkers, instead of jaywalking. Using crosswalks allows pedestrians a far more likely chance at being spotted by a car and therefore a far more likely chance to avoid being hit by a vehicle. It is also important for pedestrians to control the volume of any music or audio that they maybe listening to if they have headphones in, especially when crossing the street. Not being able to hear an approaching car or a changing signal can easily result in a pedestrian-automobile collision.

Drivers in cities like Ann Arbor which have a similar jaywalking culture need to be very diligent to ensure they are always looking out for pedestrians and bicycle riders. Pedestrians, in turn, need to ensure they use cross walks and also should not jaywalk unless it is completely necessary, and should always look out for vehicles no matter where they are crossing the street.

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