Free Michigan Dog Bite Resources


Dog Bite Resources

Michigan Secretary of State - The Michigan Secretary of State website provides information for their Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program which focuses on providing qualified motorcycle safety instruction across Michigan.

Michigan State Police - The Michigan State Police website provides links for basic safety, prevention, and police services for dog bite victims.

Michigan Legislature - The Michigan Legislature provides public access to the Michigan Dog Bite laws which generally hold that dog owners accountable for their dog's actions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - The CDC website has helpful information about the risks of dog bites, and safety tips for keeping children safe around dangerous dogs.

American Veterinary Medical Association - The AVMA's website gives helpful information to those who want to prevent dog bites, dog attacks, and dog scratches.

ASPCA - The ASPCA website gives free information about dog bite statistics, and provides easy steps to take to ensure that parents can keep their children safe from dog bites.