Nissan Teams Up With Enterprise And College Campuses

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Recently, the Japanese automaker, Nissan, has reached an agreement to become to exclusive provider of Enterprise rental cars on almost 90 college campuses in the United States. Nissan is putting forth serious effort to win the hearts of young adults, so that in the future, students consider buying a Nissan vehicle. According to the Detroit Free Press, Nissan said the partnership with Enterprise will place around 300 cars on college campuses, with up to as many as 25 on some.

"The Enterprise CarShare program offers a convenient way for college students, faculty and staff to enjoy an extended test drive of a wide range of Nissan vehicles and to experience 'Innovation that excites' firsthand," Nissan U.S. sales chief Fred Diaz said in a statement.

Enterprise said that they are offering the Nissan cars on campus at rates of $5 per hour, for all Nissan models through 2015. Nissan is currently increasing their studying on alternative business strategies and believe this will be an effective approach. As well as Nissan, other car companies are trying different strategies. Ford is running a pilot car-sharing program in partnership with Getaround, and there is speculation that Tesla is also attempting to start a car-sharing program. With this business strategy, Nissan aims to appeal modern and tech-savvy Millennial consumers. They are attempting to build positive relationships with college students, in order to try and make more sales in the future.

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