Legal Counsel

Racine Miller, Esq.

Racine Miller is the managing partner of The Michigan Law Firm, PC.  Ms. Miller is an experienced litigator and trial attorney, who can proudly claim to have a near perfect trial record. While maintaining a separate Michigan civil rights law firm, Ms. Miller works to ensure firm operations, administrative procedures, and firm organizational strategies are in place at The Michigan Law Firm, PC. In addition to her trial and civil litigation endeavors, Ms. Miller frequently works on high-level Michigan appellate matters and strives to seek justice for those who have been wronged.  In her free time, Ms. Miller can be found hiking Michigan's beautiful trails and cultivating her musical dexterity. 

Matthew Ephraim, Esq.

Matthew Ephraim is personal injury lawyer licensed to practice law in Michigan and Tennessee. Mr. Ephraim has a background handling a variety of legal issues ranging from entertainment law to criminal law, but now focuses exclusively on Michigan personal injury law. He enjoys meeting with clients and advocating in the courtroom. Through integrity and compassion, Mr. Ephraim focuses on representing those injured in personal injury accidents and handling medical provider claims.  Mr. Ephraim has achieved favorable outcomes for his clients at the pre-litigation stage, through the litigation process, and through trials as well.  Mr. Ephraim is dedicated to staying current with legal updates and attends seminars and educational sessions for both Michigan litigation and No-Fault.  In his free time, Mr. Ephraim never passes up the opportunity to attend a Red Wings game and enjoys playing drop in hockey.

Florianne Silvestri, Esq.

Florianne Silvestri is a well-rounded member of our legal team with seven years of legal experience under her belt.  Though she is passionate about environmental law and has published on the topic, Ms. Silvestri is devoted to helping victims of personal injury accidents and pursing medical provider cases.  As a research attorney with The Michigan Law Firm PC, Ms. Silvestri puts her advanced legal research credentials to excellent use.  When she’s not utilizing her skillful brief writing to help injured people recover optimal compensation for their losses, Ms. Silvestri may be found searching for inner peace through yoga or digging into a delicious tray of her Nonni’s lasagna.

Legal Staff

Josh Freedman

Josh Freedman serves as the Business Manager and Director of the Provider Department at The Michigan Law Firm, PC.  Mr. Freedman supervises office staff, oversees the firm's advanced computer systems, and supports the firm's unique medical provider department.  Outside of his work at The Michigan Law Firm, PC, Mr. Freedman is an avid Jazz enthusiast who listens to, and plays, everything from classic standards to contemporary styles.

Kayleigh Lickliter

Kayleigh Lickliter is a Legal Assistant with The Michigan Law Firm, PC.  Kayleigh brings her
"A-game" to the firm every day.  She is known for always having a smile on her face regardless of how busy her agenda is.  In addition to communicating effectively with opposing counsel, local courts, and auto insurance companies, she is always able to lend a helping hand to her coworkers.  She is always ready to help auto accident victims recover benefits they are owed.  Outside of the firm, Kayleigh is a dog lover who enjoys the outdoors and spending time in Northern Michigan.