2 People Die In Attempt To Flee Police In Troy, Michigan

On Monday, July 20th, 2015, around 2:30 am, Troy Police attempted to pull over a black 2000 Ford Mustang for reckless driving near the intersection of Long Lake Road and John R Road. According to the Detroit News, the driver attempted to flee the cops, then lost control of his car and crashed near 19 mile, east of Dequindre Road in Sterling Heights. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and the passenger in the car died shortly after at Troy Beaumont Hospital due to injuries from the accident.

Impaired Driving Lawyer

The police did not release the names of either the driver or the passenger, and the crash is still currently under investigation by Sterling Heights Police. A preliminary investigation by Troy Police indicates that alcohol may have been a factor in the car accident. The driver may have attended a party in Troy before the crash. A Troy police officer saw the motor vehicle driving recklessly out of a Troy subdivision and continued high speeds on John R road. Troy Police terminated it's involvement after the vehicle crossed Troy's border.

Impaired driving causes car crashes around the globe every day, which a lot of the time involves being under the influence of alcohol. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, which is one every 51 minutes. Alcohol-impaired motor vehicle accidents cost more than an estimated $37 billion annually in damages. Whenever you plan on having a night out and you know you are going to be drinking, make sure you have a designated driver beforehand. Doing so can save your life, as well as others on the road.

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