Recall Alert: Over 56,000 Evenflo Child Safety Seats

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Continuing with our theme of recalls, The Portland Press Herald reported that child safety seat manufacturer, Evenflo, has issued a recall on over 56,000 products. The recall was issued because children sitting in the safety seat have been able to loosen the harness that straps them in, which increases the likelihood of injury, if the car crashes. The recall covers a very wide time frame, but only one product: the Transitions Three-in-One Combination Booster Seats made from Dec. 18, 2014 through Jan. 29, 2016.

Luckily, no injuries have yet been reported. And because the recall was self-inflicted, meaning it was discovered by the producer, Evenflo, and not an agency, many future injuries may have been prevented. Although a booster seat recall due to the looseness of the harness may not seems like a serious issue, it may have become a dangerous problem if people had to wait for an incident to hit the news and for Evenflo to be investigated, before finding out about the defect. 

Evenflo is contacting everyone who purchased their booster seats and will be sending a kit with the required items to fix the fault. There may be a great number of Michiganders who own an Evenflo booster seat as according to the Michigan State Police, children under the age of four must ride in the backseat with a car seat and children under the age of eight or the height of 4-feet-9-inches tall must be properly buckled in a car or booster seat.  

Parent drivers need to be aware of the importance of child safety in cars and need to be educated on the laws governing the issue. Many parents believe that when a child reaches a certain age, they don't need a car seat. But as the Michigan State Police states, the need for a car seat also depends on the weight and height of a child. This is a serious distinction because not using a car seat may be the difference between life and death, in the event of a motor vehicle accident. New parents should also be on the lookout for recalls, not just on car seats, but for all things they purchase for their children because almost all produced goods are susceptible to defects.

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