Children Injured In Michigan Bus Accident

Bus Accident Lawyer

As reported by the Livingston Daily, a potentially fatal bus crash in Hartland Township was mostly averted at the last second.  By swerving into a nearby yard, bus driver Patricia Kantola of Brighton, avoided additional damage and more serious injuries the sheriff's department advised.

There was a significant amount of damage to the back of the bus though.  It was reported that the entire rear end of the bus was torn off in the crash.

Four Round Elementary School students, aged 8-9, suffered what Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte said were believed to be “minor injuries” when the bus collided with a semi truck around 8:30 a.m. on Maxfield Road, near Cundy Road. 'There was a head injury, back injury, eye injury and rib injury,' Sherrif Bezotte said

Additional details of the health of the children involved in the bus crash are not available at this time.  Livingston Daily did report that the driver of the semi-truck was cited for his involvement in the accident which caused the injury of several small children.

Parents arrived to pick up the injured students while a second bus transported the remaining students to school.

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