Macomb County Car Crash Heard For Blocks, Leaves One Dead

A car was ripped in half this past week in a life-taking crash in Macomb County, Michigan. Fox 2 Detroit reported that many witnesses stated that the crash sounded like an explosion. One witness in particular, stated that the two car crash sounded like a ten car crash, and that even a day later she could not get the noise out of her head. The noise may have come from one of the vehicles in the collision which was split into three pieces.

Speeding Lawyer

The speed limit in the area is 50 miles per hour but eye witnesses stated that the car was going at least double that, lost control, and crashed. Another car crashed into that car afterwards. The driver of the second car attempted to help the driver of the first car but there was nothing anyone could do. The first driver was pronounced dead at the scene. It was certain that the speed of the accident was a factor, but some believe drugs and alcohol may have played a factor. For the residents of the neighborhood in which the crash took place, the spot of the accident will never feel the same.

This accident should be a haunting reminder for drivers to always follow posted speed limits. It is very easy for drivers to speed, but it is one of the most unsafe things a driver can do. Crashes caused by high speeds often leave drivers, passengers, and bystanders paralyzed or even dead. Following posted driving speed limits is a very easy way save lives. 

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