Rumble Strips Save Lives

Recently, many studies have been completed that prove rumble strips on rural highways can save lives. Rumble strips aren’t expensive and can be an extremely effective way to reduce auto accidents on Michigan’s highways. In 2008, The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) began placing rumble strips on non-freeway highways with speed limits of 55 miles per hour. According to MDOT, to date, they have placed 5,400 miles of centerline rumble strips and 1,700 miles of shoulder rumble strips.

Rumble Strip Accident Lawyer

Wayne State University recently conducted a study to see how effective rumble strips really are. According to MDOT, Wayne State’s study, “found significant reductions in several targeted categories of crashes, including head-on, sideswipe and run-off-the-road crashes.” The study also showed a 47% reduction in total crashes and 51% reduction in fatal crashes, in the categories examined.

In addition to this part of the study, Wayne State researchers surveyed Michigan road users in order to gain insight of the public’s perception of rumble strips. The results showed that the public was extremely supportive of the centerline rumble strips. Experts agreed with this position taken by the Michigan citizens, and strongly believe that the installation of centerline rumble strips has, and will continue to improve road safety in the future. According to MDOT, a previous study, completed in 2012, “found that the presence of centerline rumble strips improves driver performance in most conditions.” While on the road, drivers tend to position themselves more centrally in lanes, which then leads to fewer encroachments over shoulders and centerlines, increasing safety as a whole.

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