Alternatives To Driving Drunk - Decisions That Can Save Lives

The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC recently updated drivers on several, current, drunk driving statistics. These statistics are unfortunately so staggering that reading them results in shock and awe. And while knowing these statistics is important, learning about alternatives to getting behind the wheel when intoxicated, is a much more helpful tool in preventing drunk driving accidents. These alternatives may save drivers a lot of trouble with the law and maybe even their lives.

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In the state of Michigan, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) is above .08%. Of course, that is for adults over the age of 21. For those drivers under 21, the legal BAC limit must be .00% indefinitely. Even if a driver's BAC is below the legal range however, it is never smart to endanger anyone’s life by getting behind the wheel, when alcohol has been consumed. There are a number of ways drivers can avoid getting behind the wheel, if they have been drinking.

The first option, which is the most common and simple, is to always bring a designated driver. When planning on drinking, bring a friend who will stay sober and can operate a motor vehicle to ensure that you get home safely. If you are in a situation in which you did not plan on drinking but ended up too intoxicated to drive, you can also call a friend or relative, who you believe to be sober at that given time, to come and pick you up. Many bars will even allow you to leave your car overnight if you are getting a ride home, so talk with management to see if that is the case before abandoning your vehicle.

Another simple option is to call a cab or another car service such as Uber or Lyft. These services operate in most metropolitan areas and are often cheaper than cabs. Their applications are free to download and many offer discounts for first time users, so it is possible to save a few bucks for newcomers.

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If a cab or ride from an application is too expensive, many metropolitan areas have stellar public transportation. It is easy to locate a bus stop or train pick-up location on most cell phones and public transportation is often very cheap. Detroit, Michigan offers the People Mover in addition to a public bus system. Students who live on campuses and in college towns with bus systems such as Flint and Ann Arbor, especially don't have an excuse to drive after drinking.

Finally, we bring you the fitness option to driving while drunk. If you are going to a location that is not far from your home, many drivers can walk, run or bring their bicycle with them and ride it home, so as to avoid getting behind the wheel. But remember, it is always important to wear a bicycle helmet when riding and to make sure that your reflective gear is showing. And of course, stay away from roads. 

Whatever tactic drivers choose to use, all of these options are far more safe than getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. It may not only save a driver from a DUI, but save a life as well.

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