Canton Resident Records Motorists Running Neighborhood Stop Signs

A concerned Canton resident began taking things into her own hands, recording drivers running stop signs in her neighborhood, WDIV Detroit reported. The resident explained how people cut through her neighborhood to avoid the traffic on Ford Road, but this causes issues because unlike Ford road, the corner of Hanford Road and Willow Creek Drive is in a residential neighborhood with people out and about and children playing. This creates a very dangerous environment because of motorists not following traffic laws, someone could very easily suffer an injury from a car accident.

Canton, Michigan are asking for anything to fix this issue, anything from speed bumps to blinking lights, so their kids can be safe in the neighborhood. One resident even stated that he considered moving to another neighborhood because of the traffic safety concerns. Although there hasn’t been an accident at this particular corner for five years, police are enacting a selective enforcement plan to monitor the area for two weeks to attempt to gather statistics to fix the issue.

Stop Sign

Always monitoring road signs and signals is a very important part of being an educated and in control driver. Failing to stop at stop signs, ignoring speed limit restrictions, and other traffic violations are not only illegal and ticketable, but they are very dangerous. in 2013 speeding was a contributing factor in 29% of all motor vehicle crash that ended in death, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported.

Failing to follow traffic laws, even something as simple as stopping at a stop sign, can lead to fine, injury, and even death of you or those around you. It is important to ensure that you always follow traffic laws, and avoid drivers you can visibly see are not following traffic laws to try and lower your risk of getting into an accident due to their negligent driving.

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