Ypsilanti To See Increased and More Frequent Bus Routes

The Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority (AAATA) plans to more than double the current number of public transportation routes in eastern Washtenaw County, Michigan. MLIVE reported that the AAATA has been servicing the area since 1979, but has only just now begun to increase transit lines in the area. Beginning on May 1st, seven new routes will service Ypsilanti, Michigan and bump their frequency from every hour to every half an hour on weekdays. There is no current expectation for how this will change ridership on AAATA buses, but it is expected that increased access to transportation will help those in Ypsilanti commute and travel to Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. Not only is the AAATA boosting routes in Ypsilanti, but they are also spending $120,000 to construct improvements and modernize the Ypsilanti Transit Center.

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Increasing public transportation is always very important in helping to develop communities. More transportation means more people travelling in and out of cities, thereby creating more jobs, more tourism, and more money for everyone. 

While easier and shorter commutes are important to citizens of cities like Ypsilanti, people should also understand that better and increased public transportation will actually make the city safer for driving. If a city has better public transportation systems, more people will use public transportation, which leaves less people on the roads. With less people on the roads there will be less traffic and less risk of getting into an automobile accident. This also is very helpful for navigating the city safely while intoxicated, helping to lower the number of individuals who choose to drink and drive due to options for drinking mobility.

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College campuses will especially benefit from more public transportation because this new transit in particular will be helpful for students from Eastern Michigan University to travel to the University of Michigan and Concordia, and vice versa. This will eliminate some younger drivers from the road who may typically be more prone to being involved in car collisions due to inexperience. Also, this will help students avoid getting into motor vehicle accidents becasue they no longer have to drive a long distance while tired.

Overall, adding public transportation is very good for the community and drivers in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Although this addition by the AAATA may seem small in scope, it is a move in the right direction. With more and more improvements, Washtenaw County will continue to prosper and continue to be a safe place for drivers in Michigan.

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