Trick-or-Treater Struck and Dragged Two Miles by Car

Trick or Treat Halloween accident attorney

Busy roads and earlier nights make for hazardous driving conditions. As the busy holiday season approaches, both pedestrians and drivers should proceed with caution in order to avoid accidents and injuries. 

Halloween is an especially dangerous night for auto accidents as it involves night time, bad weather conditions,  and children walking in the streets, often unaccompanied by adults. This past Halloween, according to Detroit Free Press, a 14-year old girl from Ypsilanti, Michigan, a city just outside of Detroit, Michigan, is left in critical condition after being involved in multiple car collisions on the same night. The girl, who's name was not released, was hit consecutively by two separate vehicles. 

It was reported that the girl was out trick-or-treating with several friends when she struck while crossing a road. The driver of the first car which hit her, stopped to help her, but couldn’t find her, leaving all the witnesses of the automobile crash perplexed by her disappearance. Then, a second car supposedly hit the teen next and dragged her body for nearly two miles. Ypsilanti police are still searching for the driver of the second vehicle as he did not stop after impact.

In order to avoid situations as tragic as this one, it is vital that people be on high alert when they cross the street. Children and adults need to take more precaution than just looking both ways before crossing the street. Also, parents need to warn their children of the dangers of playing in the street and watching where they are walking. And drivers specifically, need to keep an attentive eye out for pedestrians. 

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