Top 10 Most Accident Prone Jobs

If you work in one of the following fields, there is a relatively high chance that you may be involved in some type of motor vehicle accident, whether it is a simple fender bender or even an accident where the vehicle is damaged to the point that it is deemed a total loss.

1. Travel Industry

2. Human resources

3. Health care

4. IT

5. Customer Service

6. Restaurant Workers

7. Real Estate

8. Professor

9. Accountant

10. Construction Worker

According to a recent study by online auto insurance company, Goji, "travel industry workers behind the wheel are 15 times more likely than drivers in marketing or advertising to be in an accident." 

Goji’s CEO, Justin Dangel said, “Accident claims have a big impact on car insurance rates for better or worse, but costs can vary widely based on the carrier, coverage desired and other personal factors — even your career, regardless of whether you drive for work or not." 

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