Man from Roseville, Michigan Dies After Car Flips

On Wednesday, July 20th, 2015, a 26-year-old man from Roseville Michigan, was killed in a car accident as the vehicle flipped over in Warren, Michigan. The passenger of the vehicle did not die, but was sent to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The names of the driver and the passenger have not been released. The auto accident still remains under investigation.

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According to the Detroit Free Press, the car was traveling northbound on Mound Road near Martin Road at around 5:25 am, when the driver of the 1998 Jeep Cherokee lost control while making a lane change. The jeep ended up coming off of the road, hitting the curb, which then flipped the vehicle. The car then struck a fire hydrant on the driver's side roof area, killing the driver. Alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in the accident, and both occupants were wearing their seat belts during this tragic accident.

Unfortunately for the driver in this accident, the impact of the fire hydrant killed him. The passenger in this accident was lucky to survive, and the seat belt most likely played a role in this. According to the CDC, adult seat belt use is the most effective way to save lives and reduces injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half. Of the teens the died in car crashes in 2012, approximately 55% of them were not wearing their seat belt at the time of the crash.

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