Money For Michigan Road Repairs

Anyone who lives in or has visited Michigan knows that Michigan’s infrastructure is in dire need of repairs. Crumbling roads and polluted water supplies are just the start of a very long list of problems citizens of Michigan face. Therefore, when Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently proposed a $165 million increase in spending to help address road and infrastructure conditions, Michiganders from Madison Heights to Marquette was overjoyed. 

According to CBS Detroit, this new commission would approve of all funds allocated by the governor and also determine where some of the money would go. The committee will be made up of business, government, nonprofit, and philanthropic experts and will strive to modernize Michigan’s roads, pipes, sewers, and communication systems. And the money would currently be put towards transportation, water, sewer, energy, and communications infrastructure if the committee approves of Snyder’s fund allocation.  

This money couldn’t come at a better time for the state, due to the many issues surrounding Michigan’s infrastructure, including those brought on by the ongoing Flint Water Crisis. Many roads need servicing, tons of bridges need replacing, and there are still numerous other issues with Michigan's transportation sector.

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A recent study ranked Detroit, Michigan as having the fourth worst roads among cities with over 500,000 people, with almost 56% of all roads in a state of disrepair. Flint, Michigan had the worst road conditions among cities with between 250,000 and 500,000 people, with 74% of roads in poor condition.

It is apparent that Michigan’s roads are in dire need of repair, and Snyder’s proposition is a breath of fresh air for drivers. If the committee approves this spending bill, millions of dollars may be hitting Michigan streets within the year, hopefully improving the percentages listed above and tackling many other infrastructure issues as well.

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