Semi Truck Involved In Road Rage Accident

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015 Michigan State Police reported a semi involved in a hit-and-run accident on I-69 near N. Drive in Calhoun County's, Convis Township, Michigan. Troopers said the crash is part of a road-rage incident between two drivers that happened around 11:30 A.M. Both trucks were travelling northbound when the unnamed driver of one of the trucks became aggressive towards the other driver, who was also unnamed. Words were exchanged between the drivers and the suspect became violent.

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According to The Detroit Free Press, the suspect pulled his truck ahead of the victim and swerved to the right, causing the victim to drive off the road and into a nearby ditch, flipping over his truck. The driver of the flipped car, a 39 year old man from Otsego, Michigan, sustained minor injuries and was treated at Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall, Michigan. 

Troopers are seeking help identifying and capturing the driver of the truck which caused the collision. A video was taken from a dashboard camera in the victim's truck and can be seen on The Detroit Free Press website. 

As stated in a previous blog post, using common courtesy on the road can potentially help prevent road rage and ultimately save lives. According to Deadline Detroit, since 2012, the Michigan State Police have issued 60,90 tickets for improper lane use, with around 763 already being issued in 2015. 

It’s easy to get angry while driving; it happens to everyone. However, it is important that drivers remain as calm as possible while on the road, so as to avoid car crashes. Many people joke about road rage but it is a serious problem. No amount of anger is worth losing a life. 

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