Michigan’s Decaying Roads

In 2014, the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council released data which concluded that only 17% of roads in Michigan are in good condition. This means that a whopping 83% of roads in Michigan are considered to be in either fair or poor conditions.

The reason for such bad roads is, “a recent spate of historically harsh winters; a load weight limit for heavy trucks that is twice as high as any other state in the nation; the fact that we spend less per mile on road repairs than our neighboring states; the state doesn't always do an adequate job of following up on road construction warranty work, according to a recent state auditor general report, among other factors.”

On May 5th, 2015, Michigan voters will vote on Proposal 1, which intends to raise Michigan sales tax in order to create at least $1.2 billion a year, to add to Michigan’s road and bridge repair budget. Though Governor Rick Snyder is a huge proponent of the proposal, many opponents are worried that this may not be enough money to undo the damage, that it will cause deficits in various state funding, and that it may increase gas prices.

Whether Proposal 1 is passed or not, Michigan drivers still need to worry about the current conditions of roads and bridges. Despite melting ice and warmer temperatures, there are still pot holes, bumps, poorly laid asphalt, and dangerous debris, which can all cause car crashes.

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