Semi Truck Driver Killed On I-275

On Thursday afternoon, December 3, 2015, around 2:00 P.M., a semi truck driver passed away after hitting a crew of road workers on I-275 in Canton Township, Michigan. 

Michigan State Police still don't know the exact number of victims who were wiped out by the big truck. Along with the state force, The Canton Fire Department also arrived at the location of the accident to help the multiple victims.

semi truck accident

The Michigan State Police also have not yet reported the semi truck driver's name or the names of the workers who were hit by the big rig.

The accident involved so many people and took up so much space that the freeway was shut down on Michigan Ave, Exit 22. Canton PD said that this lane and exit closure will impact traffic delays in the area through the afternoon rush hours. Gridlock was moved toward Haggerty Road to get around it.

This motor vehicle accident reminds us that people should be careful driving near semi trucks on the roadway. The massive size of these trucks makes it difficult for the drivers of semis to make turns, merge lanes, or to look out for small cars in traffic. Because it is possible that an operator of a big rig can't see his blind spot, it's important for drivers to try to move away from the eighteen wheeler lane or give him the space he needs, specially on the freeway, so as to avoid car crashes.

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