Labor Day Driving Tips

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This Labor Day weekend is estimated to be the most dangerous, of any year, for driving on busy American roads. Just in the past six months there has been a 3.5% increase of automotive deaths compared to 2015, and a 9% increase of drivers on the road, according to Consumerreports

Labor Day traffic is always overwhelming with its mile long, bumper to bumper traffic. No one wants to spend their weekend on the side of the road or worse, involved and injured in a motor vehicle collision. Though it may seem like accidents are inevitable during this time, there are may preventative measures that drivers can take so that their Labor Day doesn't involve the labor of dealing with a car crash. Here are some tips and tricks from USA Today to making weekend travels a little smoother and safer.

Labor Day Driving Tips

Preparation Is Key

  • Make sure the driver knows how to get to the desired destination. Mark out the best route on a map or pre-program the GPS. Locate the nearest restroom stops, stores, and other destination detours ahead of time. Try and plan these stops according to highway access because no one wants to get lost in the middle of nowhere! Lastly, double check for traffic before leaving, because navigating heavy traffic is more likely to cause accidents. 

No Distractions 

  • Stay off the phones! Remember that it is illegal to text and drive, though it still doesn’t prevent other drivers from doing it. Make sure that the phone is synced to the vehicle before leaving, thereby ensuring that it is a hands-free device. 
  • Technology is not the only distraction. Always keep your eyes on the road in front of you. This means no gawking at the world's largest ball of string or at the unfortunate scenes of car accidents you pass. Remember that accidents can happen in a matter of seconds and not keeping eyes on the road for even one second puts the driver at risk. 

Vehicle Check List

  • Before leaving on a trip the driver should make sure their vehicle is in tip top shape, especially if the vehicle’s history isn’t the healthy. That means if the car needs an oil change, tune up, or even just new windshield wipers, get it done before leaving. If an engine light, break light, or any other light appears on your dashboard, take it in to a local mechanic or dealership to get it checked out. Lastly, fill up your tank before leaving; no one wants to be stuck on the highway with no gas.

Safety First

  •  Seat belts! Seat belts! Seat belts! When traveling on a long trip, make sure to buckle up. Seat belts save lives. 
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Whether driving down the street for the neighborhood block party or to a relative's house in Florida, driving during the Labor Day weekend is dangerous. The large number of travelers on the road create congested traffic, breed road rage, and eventually cause thousands of motor vehicle accidents. Though there is no way to avoid this problem, drivers can be much safer by following these safety tips and tricks. 

Labor Day is best spent having fun and not dealing with a car accidents and their resulting injuries. It is best to plan any travels plans down to the smallest detail, before getting in the car, in order to stay. Once on the road, it's important to keep eyes peeled and alert and to follow road safety laws. Despite taking all of these preventative measures however, accidents may still occur. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident over the Labor Day weekend, contact The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM, for a free consultation.