Michigan Drivers Hate Their Roads More Than Most

A 2014 Gallup poll found that only 35% of drivers in Michigan are satisfied with the current road conditions. Only Rhode Islanders disliked their road more, coming in at 31%. The Detroit News reported that the states with the most satisfied drivers were North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota, coming in at 81, 78%, 77%, 77%, and 74% approval ratings respectively. All of these states have more than double Michigan’s approval rating.

Gallup stated that “States vary widely in how much they spend on road construction and maintenance, and how they raise that revenue.” Of course, road maintenance and it's requisite budget is something which Michigan is currently making changes to try and fix. Michigan lawmakers have really struggled in the past tocome up with funds for road projects, but this past year a law passed, which would generate $1.2 billion in surplus to address Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure. Although this will be a huge step up for the state’s transportation sector, the money will not be raised for a number of years to come. The state is also raising the gas tax for both unleaded and diesel gasoline in an attempt to raise money. In addition, registration fees will also be raised.

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Although this flow of money will undoubtedly help better road conditions, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee satisfaction. Gallup stated that “the 10 states spending the most percapita on roads average 67 percent satisfaction, compared with 61 percent satisfaction among the 10 states spending the least percapita on roads,” showing that even the states that spent the most to keep up their roads, did not have the highest satisfaction rates. These are higher than Michigan’s satisfaction rating, but it shows that spending money alone is not always the only solution. However, it is nice to see that Michigan lawmakers are trying to fix the problems that Michiganders care about, especially since so many take issue with the current road conditions

It is very important for our infrastructure to remain in tact, because without sound roads, bridges, and highways, transportation is very difficult and dangerous. Bad road conditions can cause damage vehicles and even cause auto accidents. By spending money to fix these issues, Michigan lawmakers are showing they care about saving citizen’s money and lives.

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