Repairs Of The Millionth Corvette

Car Wreckage Attorney

Recently, repair began for the one-millionth Corvette that fell through the floor of the National Corvette Museum, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Over a year ago, on February 12, 2014, the car fell through 30 feet into a sinkhole of the Museum, which did as much damage to the car, as a severe car accident could. The Corvette is currently being repaired by experts at General Motors' (GM) design center in Warren, Michigan. According to the Detroit Free Press, the restored car should return to the National Corvette Museum by Labor Day.

General Motors is doing their best to keep all of the original parts of the vehicle. During the accident, the metal frame for the windshield collapsed and when the car arrived at the GM design center it resembled a crumpled tin can. Despite the part being close to destroyed, GM did their best to salvage it, and continues to do so with other parts of the vehicle. As the car was being moved down the assembly line when it was built, assembly workers at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant signed the inside of the car. GM intends to be able to save all of the signatures, despite the damage to the vehicle.

"There's only one car that's the millionth Corvette, and we want to save as many of the original parts as possible," - David Bolognino, director of GM Design Fabrication.

As of now, the repairs of the car have included straightening the frame and restoring the car to running condition. The next steps of the process include cleaning and repairing the interior and seats. Repairs are being done in one of GM's inner sanctums, a sparkling clean garage where the company puts on finishing touches for secret concept cars. As mentioned above, GM plans to have the car ready for Labor Day, in time for the Corvette Museum's 21st anniversary.

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