Tips To Help Prevent Eye Injuries

Around this time of year, especially with the 4th of July celebrations, it's important to keep your eyes protected, as there is a high risk of accidents, whether it be from fireworks, or just doing work around your house. Eye accidents are easy to prevent, but you need to be aware of the risks and acknowledge the measures you can take to keep your eyes safe.  Here are some helpful summer eye-safety tips:

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  • Leave fireworks to the pros

  • Wear eye protection when at risk

  • Use caution with chemicals and cleaners

  • Be careful when cooking or using hot objects

  • Don't let curiosity get the best of you

Fireworks law exist due to the many injuries that they have caused in the past. The best way to stay safe around fireworks is by leaving them to the professionals. A lot of firework shows are offered from a safe distance. Take advantage of these instead of lighting fireworks by yourself. Another important tip to help prevent eye injuries is to wear eye protection. Safety glasses should be used during all situations where your eye s are at risk, such as while working on a construction site, making home improvements, or even mowing the lawn.

“Vision is an important function, and you don’t want to compromise your long-term eye health simply because it’s inconvenient to follow best practices,” says Dr. Kitzmann. “Remember to stay aware of your surroundings and risks, wear eye protection, and leave fireworks to qualified professionals. Doing so will help you have a safer, more enjoyable Fourth of July, summer and life.”

Using caution when handling chemicals and cleaners is another good tip. You should always read the labels of cleaning supplies and other chemicals carefully before using them. Don't mix chemicals and keep them away from children at all times. As well as this, be careful when cooking or using hot objects. You should use grease shields to prevent the splattering of hot grease or oil, and always keep a safe distance from open flames. When working in the kitchen accidents occur frequently, due to the use of hot and flammable objects. Finally, don't let curiosity get the best of you. You should never look directly at objects such as fireworks, or other explosives. Eyes are often damaged in the process of objects like these.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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