A Helmet Alternative That Can Make Bicycling Safer

Detroit, Michigan is quickly becoming a city filled with a substantial bike culture. As more and more people decide to find alternative forms of transportation for various reasons, biking continues to be a heavy favorite, with its main rival being car sharing apps. As the trend continues, it is important for bicyclists to have safety equipment that gives them adequate protection and makes them visible to drivers on the roads.

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Roadways in Detroit, Michigan, like many other cities, are increasing in traffic and congestion. Cities are dealing with collisions from pedestrians, automobiles, and an increasing amount of bicyclists. Many of these collisions involving bicyclists are the result of limited visibility.

A new product called Lumos, aims to rid roadways of these occurrences. Lumos is a helmet that includes a LED display which more clearly showcases bike riders and has turn signals. This is another Kickstarter product which has the potential to save lives and create a sustainable line of communication between cars and bicyclists on the road. 

The U.S Department of Transportation found that "bicyclist and pedestrian injuries and fatalities have steadily increased since 2009. The 5-year trend for bicyclist fatalities rose to 726 fatalities in 2012—the highest in 5 years. Additionally, 76,000 pedestrians and 49,000 bicyclists were injured in 2012. As a percentage of the total motor vehicle-related deaths in 2012, pedestrian fatalities represented 14.1 percent and bicyclist fatalities represented 2.2 percent, for a total of 16.3 percent of the total." This data showcases that there is a needed for safer roads for bicyclists. The Lumos helmet just might be the remedy which allow bikers to enjoy themselves without worrying about automobile driver negligence.

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