Detroit And Ann Arbor Transit Systems To Connect

A transit group is working on plans that would connect the transit systems of Detroit, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan with the potential for a light rail in the coming years. MLIVE reported that this system would not only connect the Detroit and Ann Arbor communities, but Pontiac and Mt. Clemens as well. The plans hope to help connect these communities, as well as offer a cheaper and easier way to get to Detroit, the state’s largest city, which has been seeing a comeback in recent years.

The plans will include numerous rapid transit bus routes and a commuter rail. The rapid transit bus routes would run from Pontiac to Detroit, Mt. Clemens to Detroit, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Detroit. There would also be a commuter rail from Ann Arbor to Detroit which would link up with the new QLine. Bus routes would also cater to this new rail and the new high speed routes, conjoining stops to ensure it is easy to use these new features. The Regional Transit Authority is doing a lot of work, collecting data for the new transit plans, and hope to have data for how much use these new routes would actually see, soon.

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Although it may seem a long way off, these lofty plans may change how the entirety of southeast Michigan gets around, if they are put into effect. Cars will not be as necessary, which is something that has never been an option in the Motor City. These changes would be monumental for the area, and would make commuting far easier and cheaper. This would also offer a drunk driving alternative, which is a key to making the city safer. Hopefully the public transportation expansion will allow for less drivers and cars on the road, preventing several thousands of accidents a year.

These plans may not seem realistic to some pessimists in Michigan, but with projects such as the new QLine, and the expansion of bus routes in Detroit and Ypsilanti currently in the works, it feels like anything is possible. These changes are necessary and would be highly beneficial for the rise in automobile safety and tourism in Detroit, Michigan and the Metro Detroit area.

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