High Speed Accident Lands Four In The Hospital

A car accident on the eastside of Detroit, Michigan has landed both drivers and two children in the hospital. On Saturday, March 12, 2016, a Chevy Impala piloted by a 22 year-old man, was speeding along Conner Street, when it crossed over into the other lane and smashed into a Ford Expedition. The Expedition was driven by a woman in her mid-30s travelling with two children. Fox 2 Detroit reported that the children included a 11 year old girl and a 7 year old boy.

Conner Street is not new to car crashes, having its fair share of accidents every year. It is often home to drag races and rampant speeding due to its long, flat, and curving nature as it winds along City Airport and eventually turns into Outer Drive East. This particular accident was so severe that the one of the automobile’s engine flew across the street into a yard and sent the Expedition flying towards the fence of the airport. Although the speed limit on Conner Street is 35, it is seldom followed by drivers and causes many accidents every year.

The passengers of the Expedition are expected to survive, but as of Sunday March 13th, the driver of the Impala was listed in critical condition due to the fact that he suffered from head injuries when he was ejected from the vehicle. 

Detroit Car Crash Lawyer

News such as this should be very sobering for drivers. Even when not at fault, driving be dangerous enough to land people in the hospital. Drives who obey the law, helpless child passengers, and animal passengers can be severely injured or even killed because of neglectful drivers. It is important to always follow all traffic laws, and if you see a reckless driver, avoid them at all costs. If their driving is a hazard to other drives and they are at risk of hurting themselves or others, call the Michigan State Police at (517)-332-2521 or Detroit Police at (313)- 267-4600. These are non-emergency numbers, so if there is an emergency that requires immediate assistance, always be sure to call 911.

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