Detroit, Michigan Carjacking Caught By Surveillance

Earlier this morning, at around 2 am., there was a carjacking at a Detroit Valero gas station. According to Click On Detroit, the car jacking happened on Detroit's west side at the gas station at the intersection of Fenkell Ave. and Wyoming Ave. The victim was walking towards his Dodge Magnum, which was parked in front of the gas station, when a man with a gun ambushed him. The victim was held at gunpoint, threw his keys on the ground, and backed away. The carjacker grabbed the keys off of the ground and took off with the victim's motor vehicle.

Shortly after the incident, the Highland Park police found the vehicle at the intersection of West Grand Blvd. and Woodward Ave. Four men were seen inside the car, and were then seen fleeing the vehicle and running from the police. Below you can find video footage of the carjacking.

According to Global Security Experts, 38,000 carjackings occur per year in the United States, and a weapon is used in the carjacking 74 percent of the time. Each year, there are about 15 murders related to carjacking. In addition to this, 63 percent of carjackings occur within 5 miles of the victim's home. According to the Detroit Free Press, in 2013, there were 782 carjackings in Detroit, Michigan, and in 2014, there were 545. Out of the carjackings this year so far in Detroit, 51 percent of them were between 9 pm. And, and 15 percent of them occurred at gas stations, like this one.

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