Lots of Highway Construction Coming to Metro-Detroit

It is officially that time of year once again: road work season. The Detroit Free Press reported that the state of Michigan plans to spend around $422 million on road repairs in the Metro Detroit area. The lengthiest of these projects is the 14-year reconstruction of I-75 and I-275. This work, although stressful for drivers, will make for nicer roadways in the long run. Other, less significant, projects include  the reconstruction of the retaining wall between Meyers and McNichols on the Lodge Freeway in Detroit, replacements to the Trumbull bridge over I-94 in Detroit, reconstruction of Van Dyke in Warren and Sterling Heights, and the resurfacing and reconstruction of Lapeer Road in Auburn Hills and Orion Township. All of these projects cost tens of millions of dollars each, with finish dates ranging from this coming summer until the end of this year.

Detroit Construction Accident Lawyer

With so many projects going on this summer, it is very important for drivers to be on the lookout for construction workers, not only for their safety, but for the drivers' safety as well. Road work conditions are often far less safer than regular driving conditions, as there may be steep drop offs or two way traffic in areas that do not normally have it. Almost all traffic fines are doubled in work zones, so choosing not to slow down could really cost drivers. It is very unwise and unsafe to speed in construction zones. It is very easy to injure or kill a construction worker due to lack of attention or drunk driving as well.

Drivers need to pay extra attention to the road and their surroundings when driving in construction zones. This attention can be the difference between a safe trip through the zone, and a huge fine, or worse, the death of a construction worker.

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