What is pain and suffering compensation?

Pain and suffering compensation is a form of non-economic damages that are available to victims of injury accidents who sue a  person or company for negligence. Pain and suffering consists of the physical pain, emotional pain, and the plaintiff's loss of enjoyment of life.  One of the ways to calculate pain and suffering damages is by considering how the defendant's negligence affected the plaintiff's life.  It is typically up to the jury to determine what the pain and suffering damages are for any particular case. 

Pain and Suffering Lawyer

Typically, in a personal injury case if a person becomes unable to continue with an activity that they normally perform, like a hobby, career, or a sport, this will be taken into account.  For example, if someone was injured due to the negligence of another, and this person played pickup basketball every weekend with their friends, but after the personal injury accident, they are unable to continue to play basketball, this loss of enjoyment will be a significant factor for the damages in the lawsuit.  

It's important to work with a Michigan accident lawyer who is well-versed in handling pain and suffering cases.  If you have any questions about whether you have sustained injuries and they have affected your life greatly enough to obtain pain and suffering damages, you should speak to a local attorney who is experienced in personal injury law right away.  There are strict statutes of limitations in every jurisdiction which cover how long you have to make a claim.  Certain types of injuries, such as those caused by a governmental entity, like the US Post Office, the local public works department, or injuries caused by most emergency responders have even more strict rules regarding when notice of the injury must be provided, what information about the injury must be provided, and even who witnessed the accident occur.

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