Mayor Duggan's Plan Cuts No-Fault Benefits

Detroit's Mayor, Mike Duggan, has recently released details of his own No-Fault insurance reform proposal, not to be confused with SB 248 and its many problems

Mayor Duggan's plan is being referred to as "D-Insurance" in an effort to lower insurance rates for Detroit citizens.  The main problem with this plan is that it slashes the benefits that Detroit residents would normally be entitled to under Michigan No-Fault insurance if they were involved in a Michigan motor vehicle accident

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Under the "D-Insurance" proposal, medical coverage for auto accident victims could drop as low as $25,000 as opposed to the uncapped benefits of traditional Michigan No-Fault insurance policies.  Also, the recently released plan made mention of a $250,000 catastrophic care allowance, but no important details were provided.  

To date, the "D-Insurance" plan has not been fully releases and many details are missing from the proposal.  It si not clear whether this plan would only be available for Detroit citizens or for all Michiganders. Further, the D-Insurance proposal has not yet been introduced to the state legislature.

This proposal not only comes at an interesting time for Michigan citizens given the recent stalling of SB 248 in the Michigan House of Representatives, but if put into action would severely limit the level of care to those who have been injured in auto accidents or motorcycle accidents.

The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC is closely monitoring developments relating to the D-Insurance plan and will continue to provide updates and analysis as more information about this plan becomes available.

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