Speight's Clavicle Fracture Cost Michigan A Win Against Iowa

Michigan Football Wilton Speight Injury

University of Michigan’s quarterback Wilton Speight broke his clavicle in a game against Iowa on Saturday, November 12, 2016. Two opposing players tackled Speight and fell on top of him causing him to rotate his shoulder in obvious discomfort.  Speight was walked off the field and stuck on the sidelines while physicians poked and prodded at his shoulder for the remainder of the game. 

Having a fractured clavicle is a common injury in contact sports such as lacrosse, football, and soccer. However, most people are unaware that victims of an automobile collision are commonly known to have this injury as well.

3 Ways a Clavicle Bone Is Known To Break

  1. One of the breaks is called a distal clavicle fracture. The distal clavicle fracture is an ordinary injury from accidents occurring for example when a person hits the dashboard.

  2. The second clavicle fracture is a fracture that breaks in the middle of the clavicle bone. This injury is the most common type among car accident victims, and can be caused by overextending the arm in order to brace the person's fall.

  3. The third is the least common clavicle fracture, called a proximal fracture. The proximal fracture occurs near the breastbone, and may be caused by an accident victim's chest hitting the steering wheel upon impact. In severe cases the clavicle bone can suffer a compound fracture causing it to puncture through the skin or penetrate nerves, blood vessels, and even the lungs. These severe injuries can lead to an alarming amount of complications such as difficulty breathing and an exorbitant hospital bill for corrective surgery. 

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The Symptoms of a Fractured Collarbone

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the following are symptoms of a fractured collarbone:

  • Swelling, tenderness and bruising along the collarbone.
  • Increased pain and difficulty moving the arm.
  • The shoulder slumps forward, inward or downward.
  • A bump along the collarbone. 

A fractured clavicle in adults, generally takes six to eight weeks to heal in adults, so Speight isn't expected to take the maize and blue field anytime soon. “It’s going to depend on how he feels,” said University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh. “Could be a (game-time decision). We will know based on what the doctors say and how Wilton’s feeling.”

It is imperative that anyone who has a fractured collarbone or has any of the symptoms of a broken collarbone should immediately seek medical attention, especially if involved in a motor vehicle accident. 

Having a clavicle fracture is a serious injury that can affect your life in a significant way. Not only do injuries sustained in automobile accidents prevent you from carrying out your everyday life, but they also cause medical bills to pile up. If you or somebody you know has suffered a clavicle fracture caused by a car accident, please call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our firm will work hard to get you any benefits you may be entitled to under Michigan law. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation