Detroit Artist Arraigned In Deadly Drunk Driving Accident

Local artist Marcus Glenn was arraigned for his involvement in a car accident that killed a woman two months ago, The Detroit Free Press reported. Glenn was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and causing death. The crash happened on February 4, 2016 near Jefferson and Griswold, right in the heart of downtown Detroit, Michigan, after 11 P.M.

Glenn has sold his artwork in over 60 countries worldwide to thousands of clients and was featured in the 2014 Grammy Awards Show. Glenn, a local Detroiter since birth, attended the College for Creative Studies and has had a studio in Corktown for years. His work is scattered throughout the city, the most prominent being his permanent piece in the collection of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History on Warren Ave in Detroit.

Drunk Driving Car Crash Lawyer

Stories like this make locals sick, not just because Glenn was so beloved by the city of Detroit, but because it is so easy to not drink and drive in the city. The city offers many options both in the public and private sector to deter people from drinking downtown and driving home. Many hotels, both budget and luxurious, are available. The Detroit people mover can carry people almost anywhere within the downtown vicinity. Uber is also very popular within the city, and cabs are also very easy to catch and are only a call away. The bus system is not perfect, but has many lines that run at night and can get people to many of Detroit’s less accessible areas. The city is currently even working on a light-rail on Woodward Avenue that will take riders from downtown out past Highland Park, which will be another way for people to stay out of the driver's seat.

The bottom line is that if you have been drinking, you should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. You become a hazard to yourself, your passengers, and everyone on and around the road as soon as you turn on the car. Buzzed driving is also dangerous, and you can be arrested for it. Always try to avoid drivers who appear to be under the influence, and never drive drunk. If you have been injured in an auto accident involving alcohol, speak to an attorney at The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our experienced attorneys are highly skilled in helping victims of automotive injuries identify and receive any compensation they may be entitled to, under Michigan law. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free consultation.