Free Michigan Motorcycle Accident Resources


Michigan Secretary of State - The Michigan Secretary of State website provides information for their Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program which focuses on providing qualified motorcycle safety instruction across Michigan.

Michigan State Police - The Michigan State Police website provides rules of the road and tips for safely operating motorcycles. 

MiDrive - The Michigan Department of Transportation has real time Michigan traffic reporting and links to live traffic cameras across the state.

Motorcycle Crash Resources

Motorcycle Safety Foundation - The MSF website has important information  and tips for minimizing your risk for getting into a Michigan motorcycle accident.

Brain Injury Association of Michigan - The Brain Injury Association of Michigan's website gives helpful information to those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, closed head injuries, and other catastrophic injuries for those who have been in a motorcycle crash.

Michigan Department of Community Health - The Michigan Department of Community Health provides free helpful guides, newsletters, and other information about traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and other serious injuries that may occur as a result of Michigan motorcycle accidents.