The Car Accident Guide To Fractures

Most people don’t realize that fractures are the same thing as broken bones, a common injury among car crash victims.  A ‘break’ or ‘broken bones’ are laymen’s terms that describe a fractured bone. While bones are known for being very strong and able to withstand significant force, sometimes too much pressure may be exerted, causing the bone to break. Anyone who’s ever broken up spaghetti to fit it in a pot of boiling water can understand how bones break. A single strand of spaghetti may be bent and to a certain extent without any harm. But, once you apply enough strength, it will snap.
There are multiple types of fracture injuries that occur based on what caused them. Depending on the amount of force applied to the bone, it may slightly crack or even shatter completely. Sometimes, a bone may break in a way that fragments of it may pierce thorough the skin creating what is called an open or compound fracture. These types of fractures are common in people who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Because the force applied by the impact of a car hitting another car is extreme, it causes much more significant injury to the body. Often time, a compound fracture injury may become infected because of the broken skin, infecting the bone and the wound.
Although car and motorcycle crashes are common causes for bone fractures for anyone, people with osteoporosis are more likely to break their bones in motor vehicle accidents. Also, smokers, who typically have lower bone density than non-smokers, are more likely to suffer fractures in the event of a car crash.
Simpler fractures can heal themselves, over time, and immobilizing the fracture with a cast is usually the simplest and best fix. Compound fractures however, usually require surgery. Eternal fixation is an operation during which metal pins or screws are placed above and under the fracture and are connected to a metal bar outside of the wound. This helps keeps the bones in the proper position while they grow back.

Fractured Bone Attorney

For even more complicated fractures, open reduction and internal fixation operation are needed. This operation involves the repositioning of the bone fragments back to their original places and the use of screws, metal plates, or rods to keep it all in place while it grows back.
Clearly, the process of fracturing and healing bones is long and gruesome. But, it is a very common problem that people who have been involved in car accidents have to deal with.

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