Towing Fee Struggles

Towing companies, such as Goch and Sons in Detroit, Michigan rake in big profits by towing dozen of cars each day. Secret spotters, who are similar to meter cops but with big trucks, are paid to sneak around to find cars without parking passes or cars which are illegally parked, and call in a tow.

Their job, according to a towing insider is to "Get as many cars as you can, and put money in everybody's pocket." Since towing companies and spotters are paid in cash, they “can’t waste time” and “go in for the kill,” the spotter says.

No one is except from these tickets. Whether they are a legitimate visitor who step inside to get their parking validated or a senior citizen who needs to par closer to the entrance of the building, these spotters don't hesitate in calling in a tow. They don't care about understanding the situation.


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Goch and Sons account manager, Kate Pope however, feels that they and other towing companies are just enforcing the rules. "You hear the word scam or scheme or predatory towing, but were not out there with a flag waiving people in," Pope said. "We put up signs throughout the complex saying don't park here."

Goch and Sons, who are reviewed online as “towing cars unfairly,” explains that they legally do not have to wait to tow vehicles.

Towing, although very frustrating, is only the beginning. What really slam people are the fees, which can climb up into the hundreds! Goch, according to Pope, charges $390 in addition to a $20 per day fee, even on weekends. But when taken to Detroit courts, judges usually say they are reasonable.

Need advice on avoiding towing cost?

The best way to keep from having your car towed and pockets drained is to avoid private parking altogether. An easy way to accomplish this is to just call ahead. Many businesses and residential complexes have alternative parking and are willing to disclose that they will have your car immediately towed. 

Another thing to remember is that by parking in spots in which parking is allowed, people can avoid getting into car accidents. When parking in illegal spaces, you run the risk of the towing company damaging your car when they remove it. Also, other drivers may not notice your car in the illegal spot and may hit it. 

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Metro Detroit Physician Sentenced To 45 Years For Health Care Fraud

DETROIT, MI - Think you may be a victim of health care fraud? Well you aren’t the only one. A prominent Metro Detroit physician was recently sentenced to 45 years after he was found guilty of prescribing chemotherapy treatment to thousands of patients without probable cause.

The once prominent physician, Dr. Farid Fata sat in a courtroom in downtown Detroit last summer awaiting sentencing for over-treating, under-treating and mistreating hundreds of patients in addition to insurance fraud. Expert witness Robert Sobieray, a former patient of the doctor and present at the hearing, described the treatment the doctor recommended for his supposed “metastatic bone cancer.”

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Associate professor, Dr. David Steensma of Harvard Medical School and cancer physician testified for the prosecutors stating, 

“I’m not sure what they thought they were radiating.”

Sobieray, who was misled about the side effects of the chemo drug, Zometa, stated in front of the U.S. District Judge Paul Borman’s court during the sentencing last summer:

"I have one tooth left. I had to have pieces of my gums and teeth cut out."

About 22 victim's statements were read last year. Some called Fata an “evil monsters” and others dropped his credentials saying he no longer deserved the title of “doctor.”

Fata, a married father of three, plead guilty back in September of 2014 to one count of conspiring to pay and receive kickbacks, 13 counts of health care fraud and two counts of money laundering. Federal prosecutors said Fata had over 500 victims and has collected millions of dollars.

The hearing, which began on a Monday went on for a week with hundreds of victims giving their statements. Prosecutors aimed for a 175 year sentence but Fata’s attorneys fought for just a 25 year sentence. Fata received 45 years.

"One question was asked over and over, 'How was Dr. Fata allowed to get away with this?' In the pending civil litigation we hope to answer that question and hold accountable everyone who played a role in this epidemic of medical malpractice." said the personal injury lawyer who represented several of Fata’s victims in civil court. 


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