Starbucks Held Not Liable In Coffee Burn Injury Case

After nearly two days of deliberation, a North Carolina jury held that the popular coffee company, Starbucks was not liable for the injuries sustained by police officer, Matthew Kohr when a hot cup of coffee spilled in his lap.  

Coffee Burn Accident

Officer Kohr sustained major injuries in the coffee burn accident.  In addition to burns and scarring, Officer Kohr needed a surgery to remove part of his intestine for a condition aggravated by the coffee spill.  Even more, he spent several months on sick leave from his job at the police force and had a tough time returning to work.  

His wife, Melanie Kohr also was involved in the litigation insomuch as she made a loss of consortium claim.  Mrs. Kohr explained that the injuries from this accident took a significant toll on their marriage.  

Burn accidents can occur in a variety of ways.  They may happen on the job at work, at a restaurant, or even at a friend or family member's home.  It is important to seek legal counsel with a law firm specializing in personal injury law disputes if you find yourself in a situation where you have sustained burns as a result of an accident. 

Burns can be devastating to a person's life and pain and suffering compensation can oftentimes be sought and recovered from the at-fault company.  In many circumstances, accident lawyers are able to recover money to pay for medical bills and economic damages such as wage loss during the period of time that the person is unable to work.

Sources: NPR & WRAL