Broken Sidewalks In Royal Oak, MI

Broken Sidewalk Attorney

When sidewalks become cracked, broken or otherwise dangerous to use, cities usually set out plans to repair or replace them. Citizens of Royal Oak, Michigan however are not happy with the way their city commissioners are handling their sidewalks. People of Royal Oak are disgruntled that not only is the city frivolously upgrading sidewalks but that the citizens themselves have to pay for the repairs.
Royal Oak’s improvement system for sidewalks includes removing and replacing sidewalks which have a height difference of more than half an inch between each concrete slab, removing and replacing sidewalks with multiple cracks and deteriorating cracks or joints, and removing and replacing sidewalks with excessive sloping.  
However, the city also removes sidewalks that show signs of ponding water, sidewalks that do not comply with the 5 feet wide Royal Oak standard, and sidewalks with more than 25% of the surface pitted, spalling, or popping. Damage to the sidewalks can prove dangerous for pedestrians and may lead to slip and fall accidents due to the defective sidewalk. While Royal Oak sidewalks are generally in better condition than most Metro Detroit sidewalks, there are many defective sidewalks that pose dangers to those who use them. 
Interestingly, a large number of Royal Oak residents are not in favor of paying for the concrete repairs.  One Royal Oak residents’ group leader, Matthew Gerwolls, met with commissioners to add the sidewalk replacement program issue to the Monday, May 18th Royal Oak City Council meeting.
At the meeting, citizens expressed how shocked they were when they leaned that they had to pay for the sidewalk repairs. Some had even been billed thousands of dollars for the repairs. Upon hearing these concerns, the city commissioners agreed to reevaluate how they deem a sidewalk unfit. The commissioners also granted exemptions to some of the homeowners who were previously told that their sidewalks would need repair.

Thousands of people slip and fall on uneven sidewalks every year in Michigan. Even more slip and fall during the winter when these already dangerous sidewalks become icy. If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident due to a dangerous sidewalk, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our experienced attorneys are very knowledgeable about slip and fall cases.

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