Modern App for Car Repairs

Car Repair Attorneys

If you have a smart phone or tablet, you may be several easy steps from getting a great deal on an auto repair. Available now for iOS and Android users, Openbay allows users to avoid having to call multiple auto repair shops and shop around for deals.

To get their cars fixed after auto accidents, users of Openbay just have to go through three easy steps. First, users can choose between finding services or diagnosing their cars problem.
The app connects with the vehicle’s computer diagnostic system and determines what is wrong with the car by reading alerts. If you already know what is wrong, you can skip this and choose to find services, such as oil changes, checking the engine, low battery, brake repair, or even tail light replacement.  Once you've chosen a service, step two is to view the offers.
Because the app knows where you live, it sends your service request out to auto body shops who have registered with the app, in your area. The body shops view the problem and send back a quote based extent of the damage, parts, labor, and taxes. Openbay then lists all of the quotes and allows the app’s user to compare these offers based on price, distance, and ratings of the repair shops.
Step three is then to pick an offer, schedule the appointment, and to pay securely though the app. The payment is only made after the service has been completed. And in some cases, this maintenance service may be counted towards a reward system. 
The great thing about this app is that now people will always know if something is wrong with their car, without having to dig up the old car manual to try to decipher the vehicle warning indicators. And with 354 auto repair and maintenance shops participating in the City of Detroit alone, Michigan drivers have a great shot at getting a good deal on their auto repairs after Michigan motor vehicle accidents.  Openbay is a great resource for Michigan drivers who are looking for car repair shops after an accident.

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