How To Drive During Michigan's Spring

Bad Weather Car Crash

Over the past few weeks Michiganders have seen an influx of every kind of weather imaginable. Only a few weeks ago it hit the 70 degree mark, two weeks ago it rained for days, and last week we got slammed with snow, sleet, and ice. However, Spring is finally here! Though the weather is sunny and warm this week, it can still make it difficult for drivers to commute and stay safe while doing so. When the weather can change on a dime, so can driving conditions, so it is important for drivers to stay aware of the ever changing road conditions surrounding the state. Here are a few types of driving weather conditions and how to drive safely during them. 

Condition One - Sun. It is very easy for drivers to get distracted when the sun comes out. Enjoying the weather too much can be dangerous as it often leads to loud music, speeding, and reckless behavior. It is important to stay in control when behind the wheel, and to shield your eyes form the sun, so that the road remains visible. It would be wise for citizens of Michigan to invest in a pair of sunglasses, as they can also be useful to avoid glare from snow, in the winter.

Condition Two - Rain. April Showers bring May flowers, especially in Michigan. Spring brings the Mitten lots of rain, which can make driving difficult. It is important for drivers to keep their speeds low when driving in the rain, because rain makes it harder to stop quickly and hydroplaning is always possible. Hydroplaning is when a vehicle slides uncontrollably on water on top of the road surface. Rain also brings out oils on top of the road that have been left behind by other vehicles, making it very slippery. It is important to slow down and be very careful when driving in the rain, especially later in the day, because Spring temperatures can fall below the freezing point. And, water on the road can turn into ice, and rain can turn into snow in minutes.

Condition Three - Wintry Mix. The wintry mix is probably the worst of the three conditions. During Spring in Michigan you can experience sun, rain, snow, sleet, and ice within moments of one another, making it very hard for drivers to transition from one driving style to the next. When driving in a wintry mix, it is very important to have large following distances between vehicles. Roads may become slick and other drivers may need to stop quickly and if following too closely, accidents can occur. Also, excess water from Spring rain can turn into ice very quickly, so it is important to constantly evaluate road conditions to ensure you are driving as safely as possible. In the weather we have been having, it could be the difference between getting in an accident and getting home safely.

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