Woodward Dream Cruise and Roadkill Nights Safety Tips

Classic cars all over Michigan are being dusted off and tuned up in preparation for the return of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, which officially kicks off this Saturday, August 19, 2017! This weekend long event is the largest single day celebration of automobiles in the world, attracting over one million spectators and over 40,000 classic vehicles, according to the Detroit Free Press. The Dream Cruise sparks many mixed emotions every year. For fans of the annual event, it is an extended weekend of awesome, classic cars showing off their muscle and style for the city that created the automotive industry. As for the individuals who dread the Dream Cruise, the event only means nearly a full weekend of traffic and detours on roads connected to Woodward Avenue.

Woodward Dream Cruise Car Crash Lawyer

While all of the discussions surrounding the Dream Cruise revolve around excitement or dreading traffic, the one issue that is not generally discussed is safety. It's peculiar that car accident and pedestrian accident safety are the elephant in the room when discussing an event involving thousands of vehicles. In other words, the Woodward Dream Cruise is an event that presents a lot of safety risks and accident dangers if one is not paying attention to their surroundings.

Last year, per CBS Detroit, a day before the official Dream Cruise date, a southbound vehicle lost control and ended up crossing the median, taking out a portable bathroom in its path, and then crashing head on with a northbound vehicle. Thankfully, only two cars were involved in the crash and no one was injured. Yet, it is only more reason for both spectators and cruisers to be cautious this year.

Woodward Dream Cruise Car Accident Lawyer

As reported by Detroit Free Press, Roadkill Nights is also returning this year, one week before the Woodward Dream Cruise, this Saturday, August 12, 2017. Roadkill Nights is a legal street racing event sponsored by Dodge that will take place on a closed off section of Woodward Avenue. This year will mark the event's 3rd year and will take place on August 12th. Attendees should take even more precaution during this event as on top of having tons of cars present, this event also involves cars speeding down Woodward avenue. 

Watching these cars show off their style while cruising, or speed while racing, can be quite a spectacle. Differences between the two events aside however, since both the Woodward Dream Cruise and Roadkill Nights are car related events, safety is the number one priority in order to minimize the many safety risks. Below are some tips for both spectators and drivers to follow to ensure safe and enjoyable weekends. These tips have been consolidated from Woodward Dream Cruise enthusiasts including The Detroit News, The Oakland Free Press, and Hagerty.

Woodward Dream Cruise and Roadkill Night Safety Tips For Spectators

  • Always be aware of your surroundings. There will be cars everywhere so make sure you know whether they are parked or getting ready to be driven.
  • Do not watch cars while standing or sitting on the medians as they are meant to remain clear for police, and as the porta potty incident mentioned above points out, medians are not exactly safe. 
  • If you plan to sit and watch the cars, make sure to bring sunscreen and stay hydrated! It is the middle of August after all!
  • Always keep a safe distance away from the road. Make sure to keep an eye out for any unsupervised children that may be hanging around too close as well.

Woodward Dream Cruise and Roadkill Night Safety Tips For Drivers

Woodward Dream Cruise Accident Safety Tips
  • Keep your head on a swivel and always be aware of pedestrians. 
  • Drive at a low speed if you are anywhere near Woodward Avenue, especially if you are cruising.
  • If you are cruising do not expect to go fast. Keep calm and remain a patient driver.
  • Know which lane to drive. It is a general rule of thumb that non-cruisers should use the left two lanes, while cruisers use the right two lanes so they are more visible to spectators. 
  • For Dream Cruisers, performing burnouts, squealing tires and drag racing are all prohibited and could result in a hefty fine.
  • Know that cars can overheat due to hot weather, so moderate your car’s engine.
  • Absolutely do not drink and drive! Btoh events are alcohol-free and drinking laws will be enforced.

Whether you are a fan of the Woodward Dream Cruise or just counting down the days until Woodward Avenue returns to normal, understand that the event draws over one million spectators. There are many safety risks and car crash and pedestrian accident possibilities that are present when such a large number of people gather to enjoy the sight of thousands of motor vehicles. These risks may be minimized if spectators and drivers both take cautionary safety measures for themselves and each other. So, stay safe and enjoy the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise and the 2017 Roadkill Nights!

The Woodward Dream Cruise weekend is full of awesome spectacles of stylish rides and muscle cars, but also presents motor vehicle accident risks due to the number of vehicles in attendance. It is important for both drivers and spectators to be conscious of each other's safety. If you or anyone you know has been hit by a car or has been in a car accident, call The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC at 844.4MI.FIRM for a free legal consultation. 

Labor Day Weekend: Arts, Beats, & Eats in Royal Oak, Michigan

Arts, Beats, & Eats, Royal Oak, Michigan

The 19th year of the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival is right around the corner! This street fair, where nearly 200 musical acts come to perform, is located in Royal Oak, Michigan and will be going on from September 2 through September 5.

The festival demonstrates and displays artists' work and hosts multiple vendors from whom visitors may purchase unique pieces. Not only is there plenty of shopping but no one will leave hungry. Arts, Beats, and Eats is known for having plenty of food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is a celebration for local artists, music, food, and a good time!

Unfortunately, the good times should be taken with some precaution. After all, where there is alcohol, there should be responsibility. Every year about 10,000 people die and 290,000 people are injured due to drunk driving related crashes according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Having a great time at the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival is fine, but how much fun is too much?  Drinking and driving is no joke.

Getting home safely from Arts, Beats, & Eats

Ask A Friend

  • Call someone who hasn't been drinking such as a friend or a family member. Or better yet, appoint a designated driver. This is someone who attends the festival but doesn't drink. 

Call An Uber

  • Or Lyft, another ride-share service, or even a cab. What’s a $30-$50 cab fair when compared to thousands in DUI costs, prison, or even a life. 

Don’t Drink!

  • There are more than enough ways to enjoy the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival without involving alcohol. In fact, staying clear of booze might help you do more things at the event and help you remember them.

When attending the festival make the decision to prevent drunk driving. It has been reported that after an NFL game 40% of spectators are under the influence according to Stay Safe. Approximately there are 100,000 people at an NFL football game so that is about 40,000 people with alcohol in their system. The Arts, Beats, & Eats festival last year had nearly 380,000 and by using the football statistic it is clear to say at least 100,000 people will also be under the influence. Don't be another statistic and try to remember there is not only one driver on the road. 

Royal Oak Drunk Driving Lawyer

Arts, Beats, and Eats festival is an integral part of the Royal Oak experience. Every year, thousands of people have great fun appreciating art, listening to music, and enjoying the food. And while some festival-goers may choose to drink alcohol to contribute to this fun, they should remember that choosing to drink and drive is wrong. Accidents happen but all drunk driving accidents are preventable. If you have been injured or know of someone who has been injured by a drunk driver, contact The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling all types of automobile accident cases including those involving drunk driving. Call us today, at 844.4MI.FIRM, for a free consultation.