Driverless Car’s Cross Country Road Trip

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Automotive supplier, Delphi is making waves today by breaking boundaries in the world of car technology. Delphi, using technology such as short-range radar, vision based cameras, LIDaRs, a localization system, intelligence software algorithms, and many advanced drive assistance systems, turned an Audi SQ5 SUV an autonomous car. In other words, they turned it into a self-driving car. While this feat has been accomplished before, this specific instance is significantly more radical because the car completed a cross-country road trip from San Francisco to New York City.

It’s remarkable that in 2015, we not only have self-driving cars but we have a car that can drive 3,400 miles while navigating, various weather conditions, bridges, tunnels, construction, roundabouts, and horrible drivers in 15 states. The only minor setback is that the car was only fully automated for 99% of the drive as a human driver took over when the car needed to switch from highway driving to city driving.
The trip helped gather attention for Delphi’s project and also provided data on how to improve the system. For example, Delphi engineers learned that in times of peak sunlight or rainy conditions, some cameras were slightly blinded. Engineers also noticed that the car reacted differently around tractor trailers than other cars.
As for the aesthetics of the car, the equipment that makes the car autonomous is hidden well enough that it’s not noticeable unless you look for it or know where to look. Delphi utilized the Audi SQ5 SUV for the trip because they thought it was a "cool" car. To make Audis even cooler, in two years, Audi announced that Delphi will install a new computer system in every Audi, which uses data from the car’s cameras and sensors to help run the vehicle.  In addition, Delphi is developing another computer system that uses radar and cameras to help cars break automatically among other safety measures. This particular system is slated to be placed in Volvos.
With Delphi’s conclusion of this momentous road trip, we can only assume that self-driving cars may be available to the public in the near future. The switch from a nation of manual cars to autonomous cars would have a big impact on the safety of driving. If everyone is free to nap, watch tv, or read while they are commuting, all human error, which is the main cause of motor vehicle accidents, would be eliminated.

Delphi is an international automotive supplier, with its Michigan office located in Troy, Michigan.  It will be interesting to see the interplay with this technology and the major Detroit automakers.

However, until all of America or the world is being driven by autonomous cars, we still have to worry about auto accidents. Car accidents are one of the top five causes of death in the US and one of the leading causes of injuries.

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