Detroit Commuter Challenge

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has declared the month of May to be Commuter Challenge Month. What is this? Well, as an effort to make the City of Detroit more green and eco-friendly, Governor Rick Snyder has challenged citizens of Detroit to share transportation with other people. Taking the bus, car-pooling, biking, walking, and telecommuting are encouraged in order to reduce Detroit’s carbon footprint.  This effort may also clear up traffic on the roads for single rider cars. 
People can sign up on the Commuter Challenge website. Signing up before May 1, 2015 will allow participants to be placed in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. Participants will also be placed into other drawings for prizes such as a Kindle Fire, Visa gift cards, Olive Garden gift cards, a Marriott Hotel stay, and iTunes gift cards, every time they log in a group a green commute.

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The website even provides people with detailed ideas of new forms of transportation. For example, if participants are interested in using the bus, the Commuter Challenge website gives information on the SMART bus system, the Detroit Department of Transportation, and the Detroit People mover, and even add links to their respective websites. Another useful suggestion by the website is pooling. The Commuter Challenge team provides information and websites for two city-wide, organized, pooling groups, MichiVan and SEMGOG’s MiRideshare.  Both of these companies help commuters find others  who are going to the same location and pair them up.
The benefit of commuting not only reduces Detroit’s carbon footprint, but it also clears the roads of heavy traffic which in turn creates safer driving conditions. No longer will commuters get stuck in traffic, have to breathe exhaust from cars, or have to worry about getting to work on time. Instead, they can travel in a cheerful mood, get to work on time, and possibly even make new friends with the people  they meet on the bus or in their carpool. And commuters who decide to bike or walk,  can gain a new appreciation for their environment and surroundings.
With fewer vehicles on the roads, there will likely be fewer motor vehicle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 45,690 car crashes on Michigan roads in 2014. If Detroit’s Commuter Challenge can help reduce even a small fraction of these car and motorcycle accidents, we will have made a positive change.  Less people will be injured and lives may be saved in the process.
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