3 Killed in Battle Creek Ambulance Crash

Drunk Driving Accident

On the night of February 23, 2015, an ambulance was travelling northbound on Garfield Avenue in Battle Creek, Michigan, when a car traveling westbound on Garfield Avenue collided with it. The driver, 61 year old Shirley Stokes and her passenger, 54 year old James Stokes were killed by the collision. According to Battle Creek Police, Ms. Stokes ran though a stop sign and a flashing red light at the intersection though which the ambulance was passing. Her failure to stop caused the ambulance, which was traveling at high speeds with its flashing lights and siren on, to "T-bone" the Stokes’ car on the driver’s side.
Worse still, the ambulance was transporting a victim of heart attack to the nearby Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. Upon the LifeCare ambulance’s impact with the Stokes’ car, Battle Creek firefighters arrived to extract the victims from the two vehicles and another ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident to finally take the patient to the hospital. Unfortunately, the heart attack patient, 74 year old David Simpson did not survive his heart attack and died at the hospital. Shirley Stokes and James Stokes may have also been taken to the hospital but had already been pronounced dead at the scene of the accident during this time.
Luckily, the crew of the ambulance survived the deadly crash with only minor injuries. Police say that alcohol may have played a part in the crash. This would explain why Shirley Stokes had run through a stop sign and a flashing red light and why she may not have stopped even though the ambulance had its lights and siren on.
Driving in the night time alone can be tricky and dangerous. However, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal and perilous to not only the driver but everyone on the road.
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