Wayne County Michigan Bus Accident Lawsuits

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What should I do after a Wayne County Michigan bus accident?

Wayne County Michigan bus crashes often occur on Michigan Avenue, Ford Road, Goddard Road, and Middlebelt Road, and bus accident injuries in this county are a frequently a result of a crash while riding on the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Royal Oak Transit Center.  

If you are involved in a Wayne County Michigan bus accident, you should make sure you are in good health and that any injuries are diagnosed by the appropriate licensed medical professionals right away.  In Wayne County, some of the local hospitals that should be able to help Wayne County bus accident victims include Detroit Receiving Hospital and University Health Center, Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn, Beaumont Hospital - Taylor, Harper University Hospital, Garden City Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM), Sinai-Grace Hospital, St. John Hospital & Medical Center, Kresge Eye Institute, and Beaumont Hospital - Wayne.

If possible, taking photos of the injuries of the damage or injuries would be helpful to have down the road, but you always want to make sure you are listening to the local law enforcement reporting to the scene of the accident and that you are above all else, staying as safe as possible after a Wayne County bus accident.

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What are my rights after a Wayne County Michigan bus accident?

Those who have been injured in a Wayne County bus accident may be entitled to both No-Fault benefits and pain and suffering benefits.  These benefits are described in more detail below.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can also provide you with a case analysis to explain your rights to you after learning the specific details of your case.  Each Michigan injury claim is different and deserves special attention from a Michigan personal injury Attorney.

What No-Fault benefits are available after a Wayne County bus accident?

No-Fault benefits include payment for reasonably necessary medical treatment, household services, attendant care, medical mileage, and 85% of wages lost due to accident injuries.  Insurers that fail to pay for these benefits may even owe 12% statutory interest and attorney fees.  You may be covered through your own insurance, the insurance of a resident relative that had an auto insurance policy, or even through the Wayne County bus coverage.  It’s always a good idea to ask a Michigan Attorney about whether you might have insurance coverage that would apply even if you didn’t have your own insurance policy at the time of the crash.

With the recent 2019 changes to the Michigan No-Fault Act, there may be certain limits on No-Fault coverages, and it’s more important than ever to contact a Michigan auto accident attorney to discuss the specific facts of your case.

What pain and suffering benefits are available after a Wayne County bus accident?

Pain and suffering benefits are often available for severe injuries that affect the way you live your normal life such as: traumatic brain injuries, broken or fractured bones, herniated or bulging discs, spinal cord injuries, etc. Torn muscles and nerve damage often qualify for pain and suffering compensation under recent Michigan Court of Appeals decisions as well.

Pain and suffering compensation may also be recovered for permanent serious disfigurements.  This could range from anything from loss of limb to permeant scarring from the accident or from surgical scarring after the accident.  Psychological injuries like anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other may also qualify for pain and suffering damages.

With the recent 2019 changes to the Michigan No-Fault Act, there may be the possibility of claiming excess medical expenses against the negligent driver’s insurance policy as well.

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What about wrongful death lawsuits from Wayne County bus accidents?

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that wrongful death lawsuits can often be filed in Wayne County bus accidents that result in the death of a family member.  The Michigan Law Firm, PC has personal injury Attorneys that have experience working with families of those who have passed in tragic accidents to recover compensation for the passing of the loved one.

What courthouse are Wayne County personal injury lawsuits usually filed in?

Wayne County Michigan lawsuits are usually filed in the Wayne County Circuit Court located at 1441 St. Antoine Street # 102, Detroit, MI 48226.  The Wayne County Circuit Website is listed as: https://www.3rdcc.org/

Smaller cases might need to be filed in a local district court, and depending on how severe the case is and its level of complexity, the case might need to be filed in a nearby federal courthouse.

As of 2019, 1820584 people are reported to be living in Wayne County, Michigan.

How much time do you have to file a Wayne County Michigan bus accident lawsuit?

There are a number of time constraints and filing deadlines when dealing with Wayne County personal injury claims.  If the bus was at fault and is owned or operated by a government municipality, you might have a 120 deadline to file a notice under Michigan’s Government Tort Liability Act to ensure pain and suffering benefits can be pursued.  Michigan has a one-year-back statute for No-Fault benefits. 

Regardless, if you or someone you care about have been involved in a Wayne County bus accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury Attorney that handles Wayne County personal injury lawsuits to learn about your rights after this type of tragic accident. 

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What if I’m not on the police report?

Passengers in Michigan bus accident cases are not always listed on the police reports. This may occur for a variety of reasons, but in all of the chaos after a Michigan bus accident, it’s not uncommon for bus accident passengers to be left off of the police report in Wayne County, Michigan.  Other documentary evidence, such as photos of the bus accident, emergency room records from the hospital, as well as other medical notes may suffice to bring a claim that you were located on the bus.  The more documentary evidence that exists to support your case, the more streamlined the process will be to obtain the appropriate bus accident benefits.

How do I know which bus accident lawyer to hire?

Talk to multiple lawyers and law firms!  See how comfortable you feel with each one.  See if the lawyers you speak to ask you about your expectations and what you want out of a case or if they are just in it to make some money.  You want a Wayne County bus accident lawyer that is on your side that is willing to provide you guidance throughout the process, but keep in mind your goals and expectations throughout the process.  If your goals and expectations match up with a law firm, you are probably going down the right path.  In the initial consultation, make sure to ask specific questions about what the plan is to accomplish your goals so that you know the lawyer you are speaking to has an idea of what the strategic plan will be to arrive at a favorable outcome to your Wayne County bus accident case.

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