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What can I do after a Detroit, Michigan car crash?

As in any major city, there are many dangerous roadways, intersections, and driving hazards, including other drivers!  Detroit crashes are possible on a number of roads including, but certainly not limited to: Woodward Avenue, I-94, I-96, I-75, John C Lodge Freeway, Jefferson Avenue, and Gratiot Avenue.

It’s always important to make sure you are being as safe as possible after a Michigan car crash.  If it’s safe to do so, taking pictures of the accident scene may be helpful for insurance claims and your legal case, but it’s important to make sure you are seeking the appropriate medical attention as well.  Nearby hospitals that treat those who have been injured in Michigan car crashes, include: Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Harper University Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, Hutzel Women's Hospital, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM), Sinai-Grace Hospital, and St. John Riverview Hospital.

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What rights do I have after a car crash in Detroit, MI?

There are two main categories of claims that Michigan crash victims are entitled to, depending on the fats of the accident.  Auto accident victims are entitled to first-party personal injury protection benefits and third-party pain and suffering benefits if they were not at fault for the accident and there is insurance coverage for the accident. Detroit City accident victims should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to confirm whether there is coverage within the order of priority.  Even if you did not have your own Michigan insurance policy, or if you aren’t sure what type of coverages you have exactly, there may be applicable insurance coverage for injuries sustained in the Detroit accident.

What first-party No-Fault benefits are available after a Detroit, Michigan car accident?

Accident victims may be entitled to a number of first-party PIP benefits under Michigan statute and/or a policy of insurance that may cover the crash.  These benefits typically include the following, so long as they relate to injuries sustained in the Detroit, MI crash and are considered reasonably necessary by the appropriate doctor and/or medical professional:

·         Unlimited medical benefits and reimbursement for medical expenses

·         85% of lost wages that would have been earned

·         Attendant Care

·         Household Services

·         Medical Mileage Reimbursement

Because these and/or other benefits may be available depending on the facts of your case and the insurances coverages involved in your accident, The Michigan Law Firm, PC always recommends that Detroit accident victims contact a knowledgeable Michigan car crash law firm soon after the accident.  If the Benefits are not timely paid after reasonable proof of the loss has been submitted to the appropriate insurance companies, attorney’s fees and 12% interest may also become due. 

With the recent 2019 changes to the Michigan No-Fault Act, there may be certain limits on No-Fault coverages, and it’s more important than ever to contact a Michigan auto accident attorney to discuss the specific facts of your case.

Information about third-party pain and suffering benefits after a Detroit, MI car crash.

If there is a death or severe injury relating to the subject accident, pain and suffering benefits may be available.  Insurance companies and attorneys sometimes refer to these benefits as bodily injury compensation, pain and suffering compensation, negligence claims, and/or third-party claims.

This type of compensation is available if the accident was the fault of another driver and you sustained serious injuries in the accident.  Injuries that frequently qualify under Michigan law for pain and suffering compensation include, but are not limited to: TBI, broken or fractured bones, scars, loss of limb, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, bulging discs, rotator cuff injuries, torn muscles, back injuries, neck injuries, PTSD, and anxiety. If you don’t see your injuries on this list, contact a injury lawyer to see if your injuries would quality for these insurance benefits.

Depending on how the insurance coverages work out in your case, there may also be uninsured and/or underinsured compensation available as well.

With the recent 2019 changes to the Michigan No-Fault Act, there may be the possibility of claiming excess medical expenses against the negligent driver’s insurance policy as well.

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Can The Michigan Law Firm, PC pursue a Detroit wrongful death case?

Yes. Our law firm can work with the personal representative of the estate and/or the family to seek justice for Detroit, MI wrongful death claims.  Our law firm has personal injury lawyers that have experience working with families of those who have tragically passed in Michigan car crashes.

Why do people cause Detroit, MI car crashes?

Car crash cases in Michigan are usually analyzed in terms of who was negligence and how negligent were they.  Sometimes more than one party can be negligent in a Detroit accident situation.  This is why its especially important to speak to an experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer about your case.

Sometimes people are not driving carefully enough, other times, people are speeding, texting and driving, falling asleep at the wheel, doing drugs and driving, not paying attention, there’s drinking and driving , police may be chasing someone through an intersection,  or from time to time brakes may fail before a Detroit car crash.

Which courthouse should my Detroit car crash lawsuit be filed in?

This is an analysis properly left to your personal injury attorney, but frequently these lawsuits are filed in the city and/or county in which the car accident occurred.  Depending on the facts of your case, there are a range of legal factors that need to be carefully weighed before filing a lawsuit for a Detroit car crash claims.

Cases with a value of less than $25,000 are filed in the district court.  Detroit car crash lawsuits below $25,000 in claims are often filed in the 36th District Court.  The 36th District Court’s website is, the phone number is 313.965.2200, and the 36th District Court is located at 421 Madison Street, Detroit, MI 48226 .

Cases with a value of $25,000 or greater are filed in the appropriate circuit court, which is frequently 3rd Judicial Circuit Court for Detroit car crash cases.   The 3rd Judicial Circuit Court’s website is , the phone number is 313.224.0157 , and the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court is located at 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI, 48226. 

Because the City of Detroit has a reported population of approximately 662,172, there may be a large number of car accident lawsuits filed in Detroit and Wayne County. 

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What is the statute of limitations for Detroit, Michigan car accident lawsuits?

Michigan has a one-year-back rule for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, meaning on the day a lawsuit is filed for PIP benefits, the victim can only recover benefits that date back one year from the date of filing the case. Third-party auto negligence claims have a three-year statute of limitations, meaning that car crash victims have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.  Should the accident be the fault of a government employee, there may be a mandatory notice letter that must be sent out within 120 days of the accident.  To make sure you are meeting all of these legal deadlines and hurdles, it’s so important to speak to a Michigan personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights.

What if I’m not sure about which Detroit accident lawyer is the best for me?

Do your homework! There’s no two ways about it!  Talk to lawyers, see who picks up the phone, see which law firms put you right into their voicemails, maybe see if you can get a meeting with a Detroit accident lawyer in person to discuss your case. 

There are a lot of Detroit personal injury attorneys out there. Some might even be unethical and try calling you right after an accident. Whatever you decide, make sure the Detroit personal injury firm that you choose is ethical, honest, fair, and is willing to give you the personal attention that your Detroit personal injury lawsuit deserves.

It’s important that you have not just a good Detroit personal injury lawyer on your side, but you need a great Detroit personal injury lawyer on your team and fighting every day for your rights.  Ask a lot of questions! Find out what the proposed plan is to ensure that you are recovering the maximum benefits that you are entitled to after your accident.

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