Michigan Coffee Burn Injuries

The Michigan Law Firm, PC will represent those who have been seriously burned or injured as the result of a hot coffee burn accident.  Oftentimes beverages such as coffee, tea, and other hot liquids can be served at temperatures much too high for the consumer and pose an unreasonably dangerous risk.

Coffee Burn Lawyer

Michigan companies which sell coffee, tea, or other hot beverages owe a duty to their customers to ensure the warm drink is reasonably safe.  Sometimes coffee lids are not properly secured, the coffee cups may be defective, or the company's employee just spills the warm beverage onto an innocent Michigan customer.

In these circumstances the company may be liable for negligence, negligence pro se, or even liable for a defective product. Injuries from these types of coffee burn or coffee spill accidents include first degree, burns, second degree burns, or even third degree burns.  In severe cases permanent nerve damage can occur as well as permanent scarring as a result of the burn injury.

There are a number of legal remedies available to recover money for medical bills and pain and suffering after a hot beverage burn accident, but first, you should call an experienced burn lawyer who is ready to handle your burn injury case.

Don’t just hire a good personal injury law firm, hire a great personal injury law firm to help with your case. Call around to different law firms, ask about your rights, and find out which law firm is the best fit for you before hiring a personal injury law firm for your Michigan coffee burn injury lawsuit.

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