Case Law For Michigan No-Fault Medical Providers

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Michigan's No-Fault laws are constantly changing and evolving.  While we strongly suggest consulting with a specialized Michigan personal injury lawyer, The Michigan Law Firm, PC is dedicated to providing Michigan citizens and medical providers with access to current Michigan case law so providers can stay informed and understand their rights. 

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How long does a medical provider have to submit a claim and/or sue the no-fault insurer?

Generally, there is a "one-year-back" rule which permits the possibility of recovery one year after the services were performed. Some exceptions may exist in certain circumstances. See MCL 500.3145.

When is payment from an auto insurance company due?

Payment for services rendered to a patient with active auto insurance is due within 30 days after the insurer "receives reasonable proof of the fact and of the amount of loss sustained."  See MCL 500.3142(2).

Can a medical provider sue an auto insurance company if the patient does not have an attorney?

See Covenant v State Farm (Michigan Court of Appeals - Oct. 2015) for a major recent opinion on this issue.  For further reading, see Wyoming Chiropractic v Auto-Owners (Michigan Court of Appeals - Dec. 2014).

The patient has an attorney already.  Can a medical provider hire it's own lawyer to collect the unpaid bill?

A Michigan medical provider may always hire its own litigation attorney to determine the viability of seeking payment for the bill separately.  In most cases, the provider's lawyer may intervene in a lawsuit already filed by the patient's attorney or file a new collections lawsuit directly against the No-Fault insurer. 

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